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Niche Wine Company


Welcome to Niche Wine farm! For the first time in over 10 years, we'll be opening the farm gates and rolling up the winery doors. You can count on farm-fresh wines, outside times, and million-dollar views. Why not put a little gravel in your travel and explore the hills of West Kelowna?!  

Flights & Bites 

Small Batch Wines & Real Good Times. 

Join us for a splash of Small Batch Bubbles and a flight of three farm-fresh wines paired to perfection with a seasonal, snack-sized cup of charcuterie.

  • TIME: 60 minutes 
  • OFFERING: 4 wines + snack-sized charcuterie
  • CAPACITY: 2-6 / per table 
  • COST: $25 / person

A Quick Taste of a Magic Place.

Here for a good time not a long time? Join us for a flight of three farm-fresh wines and get a taste of this magic place. Fresh sips and fun times! 

  • TIME: 30 minutes 
  • OFFERING: a taste of 3 wines 
  • CAPACITY: 2-6 / per table 
  • COST: $18 / person

Outside Time

Farm-Fresh Wines & Outside Times.

Join us in the Back Forty Picnic Block for a splash of sunshine, a glass of wine, and a seasonal, lunch-sized boat of charcuterie. 

  • TIME: 60 minutes
  • OFFERING: 8 oz wine+lunch-sized charcuterie 
  • CAPACITY: 4-8 / table
  • COST: $40 / person

It’s Literally All Fun & Games.

Bocce is a simple game that can be played by people of all ages. It’s also a great way to sip wine and stir up and little friendly competition. 

  • TIME: 90 minutes 
  • OFFERING: 3 bottles + 2 charcuterie boards
  • CAPACITY: 6-10 people
  • COST: $50 / person


'Small Batch Family' Exclusive Experience! 

Drip coffee, flaky pastry, and dreamy views—can you think of a better way to start the day?! Book a table and start the day the farmer way. 

  • TIME: 8-11
  • COST: $12 / person

'Small Batch Family' Exclusive Experience!  
Book a table for 4 or more and give your magic hour a little southern exposure. This experience includes a bottle of wine and charcuterie.
  • TIME: 5-7
  • COST: $50 / person