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2019 Chardonnay

2019 Chardonnay

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We love the versatility of a variety like Chardonnay and over the last 10 years we’ve used our 5 small rows of this noble grape to make both crisp and fruity as well as full bodied, buttery wines. This year however, we opted for somewhere in between. With medium acidity and a kiss of new French Oak, this Chardonnay is beautifully balanced and we believe the truest expression of the place it was grown. This wine is the product of high altitude and hard work.


Think Okanagan’s version of Chablis! This Chardonnay will have you refilling your glass in no time. Hints of biscuit, cold butter, and ripe pear on the nose, the palate is greeted with layered flavours of pear, spice and grilled pineapple. The medium to high acidity makes this wine the perfect pairing option for ceviche, or mango salsa on grilled scallops. Visit Codfathers for the best selection of seafood in Kelowna!


The Plot Twist Project is a series of wines designed by our winemaker’s need to experiment. This project is a chance for him to get creative and even a little wild with micro batches of single varietals. The fruit is mostly from our farm but may also be sourced from neighbouring vineyards with varietals (like Merlot) that we are not able to grow. These wines are made with minimal intervention, maximum farming effort, and promise to be totally delicious.